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Cliché New Years Goals

So in true new year fashion I am setting some goals for myself and my family. We did something new this year. My husband and I had a meeting with our two older girls about what we wanted to accomplish this year. It was great to include them in our plans and to see them getting excited and thinking about the possibilities of the fresh new year. After our meeting with them concluded my husband and I had our own discussion on a more personal and parental level. After the craziness of the last month it felt really good to connect with him in such a way.
I decided to share my goals on here as a way to be more accountable to myself. I have a long history of goal setting and not actually seing them to fruition. That is goal number one but the rest are not in any particular order. Also if there is anyone out there that wants to join me in some goal smashing this year I find that my success rate goes up if I have partners to help. 

1. Completing at least half of my goals for 2016

          Had to make sure this was on there somwhere. Haha!

2. Not buying and storing sugar items in my home.

          This is a big and seemingly impossible goal for me to set. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. I like candy and desserts of any kind and will often splurge on things of that nature. It’s no surprise that losing weight has been difficult for me to do. But this goal is not just about me. It’s about my family, more specifically my son. My son who is four, and who was diagnosed at birth with Prader-Willi Syndrome (here is a link to more info if you want to read more). To give you just a little of the basic information….he has low muscle tone, low metabolism and has a miscommunication between his stomach and brain which does not tell him when he is full and thus he always feels hungry. We are only in the beginning stages of his constantly feeling hungry and thus far have been able to manage it okay. After this holiday season though I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep him from finding candies and treats  we need to just not have them in the house. Its the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of approach which I know will work wonders for him as well as our family as a whole. I had a moment while laying in bed after a particularly hard food day where I was praying about how to help my son. God then asked me pretty directly, “Do you love your son more than you like sugar?” Well the answer was an obvious yes but after I answered it I paused on that thought. I do love my son more than I love sugar. And suddenly the choice of eating healthier didn’t feel so daunting, so impossible. I can and will remind myself that I love my son more than I want those donuts. I love my son more than that tasty chocolate cake. And through loving my son I hope to be able to say that I love myself more as well.

3. Take the family to temple square and visit friends and family in Utah and/or go camping at least twice this summer.

          We have made a habit of not taking family trips very often and my husband and I both want to change this and give our children the expereince of bonding while we travel together. We want to make it a priority and need to focus on buying less stuff and spending our money on expereinces rather than monetary goods.

4. Plan my meals for the week every Sunday.

          My oldest daughter and I did this yesterday and had fun figuring out what we had and what we could make. Along with that goal I plan to include her and her sister in the cooking process more. I want to make sure they know how to cook some basic meals before they reach teenagehood.

5. Lose 50-100lbs (hopefully eliminating sugar will help with this goal.)

          This was my goal last year. And although I started out doing really well I floundered and failed pretty badly. This goal isn’t really about the number, but more about feeling healthier and happier in my body. Having more energy to play and be active with my husband and kids.

6. Plan and save enough money for a trip to California for my husband and I.

          Any tips or pointers about traveling would be great. We don’t have a lot of money but I am good at saving and I am confident that I can work this out for us. Of course I also plan on asking friends for floor space or guest rooms to sleep.

7. Cook one vegetarian meal every two weeks and eventually make it a weekly thing. 

          We are big meat eaters in this house. I try to put veggies in every meal but I know that we eat what we like and we dont really deviate from that very much. As meat keeps becoming more and more expensive I would like to have more options available to me and my family. For health as well as saving money. Again any tips would be most welcome.

8. Learn to play 5 hymns on the piano and play my guitar more.

          I’m really excited about this goal. I don’t play the piano very well but I can read music. It takes me a long time to learn something but it’s not impossible. My guitar has been in its case in my closet for way too long and its time to dust that off and start playing again. If I could only find my old notebook with my music in it, that would be super helpful. 

9. Write in my journal every week again.

           I have had many years of writing every night in my journal. As my children have increased in number and age it seems to have made it more difficult to keep that going. So instead of trying and constantly failing to write every night I want to try for a weekly enrty. I need to schedule it or it won’t happen but I know I can find an hour somewhere to do that. I’m excited to be more consistent with this again. It’s always such a big help to write.

10. Read scriptures as a family 3 times a week.

         This one is difficult. With young children and busy schedules that will continue to get even busier, this is a real challenge. In order to be successsful at this I need to recognize that we may not have time for a whole chapter, but we can certainly do a handful of verses. It’s the consistency that we need more than anything. 

I’m excited and happy to be at the beginning of a new year. With all the days ahead of me and the endless possibilities. It’s exciting. Happy New year everyone!!

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